David is an Animation Director and VFX Creative Director based in NYC. He is a proven creative talent who has been critical to the success of some of the most iconic animated projects for Commercials, TV and Film during his 20 years in the industry. Currently David is focused on Directing, Supervising and developing cutting edge and award winning animated projects for any platform.

David graduated from University of Creative Arts, Surrey in traditional animation and a post grad at St Martins but was lured into the emerging CG industry to work at Framestore, London. David has contributed to many award winning projects such as Walking with Beasts, Dinotopia, Harry Potter and a multitude of Commercials campaigns. After starting the CG department at Framestore New York in 2004, David's passion for animation lead him to create many of most icon animated characters in Advertising. Most notably Hulin lead the reinvention of the GEICO Gecko in 2005 and was the Animation Director until he left Framestore in 2017. The Gecko still reigns as one of America’s best loved advertising icons, with a 99% public recognition rating , of which Hulin is very proud.

David has creatively lead and managed client relationships for groundbreaking animated characters such as Pepsi - chicken, two Fedex Superbowl spots; Stick and Pigeon; iconic GE spots; Crane, Ellie, Scarecrow, Tree and Mammoth, nearly 100 GEICO Gecko commercials, Sour Patch Kids, Xyzal's Owl, Birsdeye's Birds and the well loved M&Ms characters. After his Directorial debut with a campaign for the GEICO Gecko in 2006 David has also been Directing commercial content for such clients as Samsung, Time Warner, Prudential, Charmin, Breath Right, EA, Corning, GEICO and M&Ms. David worked on the development of Framestore’s proprietary real-time animation system which has been used to use for Beats, M&Ms, Carfax and GEICO.

What ever challenges David undertakes his love of storytelling and bringing life to moving images is evident. It's this passion he imparts to the next generation of Animators and VFX artists in his VFX Thesis class Hulin teaches at The School of Visual Arts in NYC. David is enjoying his burgeoning reputation for creating some of the greatest animated creatures, characters and VFX in both the US and globally. David has won many awards for his work including a Primetime Emmy, a Visual Effects Society award and Best Animated Character at the Ottawa Animation Festival.